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Our Brochures are in no particular order of preference. Please browse each of them for your particular sport , hobby or need as each Company do major on different parts of their business . If you can't see what you want please call us on 01761 418488.

Mid-Somerset Football League

We are proud to have sponsored the Mid-Somerset  Football League for many years now. The  original "deal" arranged with Jon Pike ( now of Somerset F.A.) and Brian Wells. We would like to thank all those teams from these Leagues who support us by buying their Annual Trophies from us. We fully intend...

Supplier To Whitehill Welfare F.C

We are now a supplier To Whitehill Welfare F.C, A famous semi-professional club on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Many years ago Whitehill Welfare were one of the most successful Under 21 teams in Scotland winning multiple Trophies and producing players who would go on to represent full-time...

Suppliers to Somerset F.A

We are delighted to be suppliers to The Somerset F.A. Both of our sons have represented the County at Under 16 and Under 18 level and are proud to have done so.    

Mid-Somerset Football League

We have had many enjoyable years as sponsors of The Mid-Somerset Football League. The original Deal was done with Jon Pike, now of The Somerset Football Association,  along with Brian Wells whose knowledge of local football present and past, is quite remarkable. It is a pleasure to work with such...